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I’m Shaun, owner and woodworker

at The Wobbly Knob where I create handcrafted,

rustic reclaimed wood furniture that is both

sustainable and affordable. I discovered my passion

for building and working with salvaged materials

after constructing a simple coffee table for my

family from wood scraps in our backyard.  

What began as a hobby based out of my garage,

turned into a deep passion for helping others create

the perfect custom pieces for their home,

office or business.  


Since opening its virtual doors in 2012,

The Wobbly Knob has grown out of the garage and

into its own little shop just outside of Oklahoma City.

Every piece of furniture is still handmade by me

and each item you see listed in the shop can be

customized and built to your specifications. 

What I love best is working with customers to bring

their own ideas to life with a fully customized piece. 

In fact, every single item in my shop has been

named after the original customer who had a vision

for what they wanted and asked me to build it. 

Helping build with my own two hands what others

dream up is one of my greatest rewards

as a woodworker.


From my humble Oklahoma roots,

I've helped hundreds of customers across the nation

bring home the perfect custom furniture piece for

their space. I'd love to help you do the same. 

I invite you to check out my reviews, have a look

around my shop, or contact me with whatever ideas

and inspiration you're kicking around!   

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